Summer Challenge(s)

It’s been quiet here thanks to an influx of summer visitors, which has put a halt to having the space and time needed to be able to write.

The writer in me has quietly lamented and secretly despised the distractions from allowing me to be fully in my happy place on a regular basis. Perhaps, you can relate?

Since it seems to be more acceptable to escape the outward voices through books, I decided to up my reading game whilst I could not politely slink away to my pen and paper. One of the books I finished was on my reading list for this year — The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz.

As a great lover of his The Four Agreements, I knew that I would find some gems in this text. I was not disappointed. So, by adjusting my attitude and realizing that there is no harm, especially to myself, in saying that I needed time to write while our guests are doing their own things, I reclaimed my essence, albeit slightly less often or focused.

One of the nice ways that I have been keeping motivated is by doing the #AmWriting Summer Blueprint Challenge through Author Accelerator. I am studying to become a book coach with Author Accelerator, so it helps me on two fronts — as a writer and as a coach getting to see what a writer experiences in doing the Blueprint process.

So, as I enjoy my short respite until our next visitors arrive, I am choosing to turn the challenges into challenges that lead to my creativity and positivity.

What do you turn to when you need help to open 📖 the sunshine ☀️ into your heart ❤️ to tell the stories📚 we all have waiting to be told?



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The OSH Writer

The OSH Writer

📖☀️❤️ Exploring cafes (mostly) and places where the muses give me inspiration to write and share the stories 📖 that open the sunshine ☀️ into the heart ❤️.